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US Customs Bonded Carrier

We are US Customs Bonded Carrier, allowing us to work with a variety of global clients. We currently work with global entities in the freight and shipping business, distributors, ocean shippers, freight forwards, and more. Our high bond allows us to handle many types of goods without any additional concerns or required paperwork. If you are a global client, or conduct business globally, and need a Customs Bonded trucking company to fill the hole in your supply chain, we invite you to contact us.

ICC Common

Nighthawk Trucking is Interstate Commerce Commission authorized and insured to be a common and contract carrier. We have been insured since 1993, which means that we have plenty of experience working within the trucking industry as a common carrier. You can trust us to carry your containers, high end cargo, and any other goods. Our ICC/MC number is 270847.


We have been in the business since 1993.

Professionally secured yard and 24 hour on site security monitoring.

We have our own fleet of over 400 chassis (20’ chassis, 20′ flush backs and 20’ tri-axles) 40’ chassis & 45’ chassis.


Port Container Transport

One of our main services at Nighthawk Trucking is port container transport. We operate out of Port Miami, Port Everglades, and the Florida East Coast Railway. With over 400 chassis available for transport we excel at moving high end cargo efficiently. We serve global clients and small business clients, so we can always create a solution that is right for your business.

Our computer system is able to link to the computer systems at the FEC, Port of Miami, and Port Everglades, allowing our pickup, loading, and delivery of containers to be flawless. It also allows the process to be paperless – which makes the transitions seamless. We take advantage of technology to create a supply chain solution that does not have the potential for flaws or failure.

Contract Carrier

We serve as a contract carrier between our clients and their customers, by delivering their goods. We are in it for the long haul and serve the greater Southeast Region. We also serve all of Florida and are a frequent contract carrier solution for those who need to have their goods transported from the Port of Miami, Port Everglades, and the Florida East Coast Railway. As one of the premiere Southeast transportation services, we are able to offer trucking services that are beyond compare.

We contract all of our own drivers, who are screened and vetted thoroughly. Therefore, only the best drivers are allowed to handle the goods that are entrusted to Nighthawk Trucking. We have more than twenty years of success filling supply chain matters for clients with our trucking fleet.

Our fleet of trucks are equipped to handle containers, dry van, temperature controlled items, and more. The safety records of Nighthawk Trucking are impeccable, so if you are a global or local client looking at trucking services, please feel free to call us and inquire about our contract carrier solutions.


100 Drivers with Tractor Trailers

Dry vans available for bulk deliveries

Operating in the State of Florida and also the southeast region SC, NC, VA, GA, TN, AL, KY, TX


Trailers Tractor

We have over 100 independent contractors/owner operators at Nighthawk Trucking and over 400 chassis ready to hit the road. Our company is continuing to grow and we will contract more truckers to meet demand as necessary. In addition, we also have dry vans that can be utilized for dry deliveries as needed.

Our trucks operate out of our facility in Miami, FL which is centrally located to have access to the FEC, Port of Miami, and Port Everglades. We operate and run deliveries all over the State of Florida, and also throughout the Southeast Region of the USA.

Our trucks have routes that include stops in Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Georgia. All of our drivers are properly licensed and vetted. They are highly experienced and are fully capable of transporting your high end cargo securely.


At Nighthawk Trucking we specialize in handling international and national shipments. With our 38 door cross dock facility located off I-75 and I-95 near Miami, we regularly offer our transloading services to those with deliveries to Port Everglades, Port of Miami, or the FEC. We will meet your cargo at the ship, railway, and transfer the containers or cargo to our fleet of trucks. If necessary we can also provide short-term storage.